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Rhode Island Comic Con in November

Sting will be appearing at the Rhode Island Comic Con in November. Sting will be appearing on Saturday, November 11th only!

Sting On Undertaker Match Regrets, More

Sting, Ric Flair and Jim Ross were at the WrestleCon Kickoff Q&A yesterday. Below are some highlights from Sting:

* Sting said that he regrets “not getting in the ring with The Undertaker just one time.”

* He was supposed to win WCW Championship before the Great American Bash in 1990, where he defeated Flair for his first WCW World Championship.

* He feels that the art of telling a story is missing.

* On Kurt Angle, Sting said that “Angle pushed me physically more than any other wrestler ever has.”

* He said that Rick Rude did a great job being a great heel, which made his job as a babyface much easier. Flair agreed, but felt sorry for Rude for the latter part of his life.

Credit: Chris Featherstone @cravewrestling

Sting Appears At Axxess In Wolfpac Gear

WWE Hall of Famer Sting made an appearance in his red Wolfpac gear at WrestleMania 33 Axxess. The Stinger tweeted this photo from the event:

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