Sting’s New Job!

Greatest Survivor Series debuts: WWE Top 10

New Sting Action Figure

The nWo Wolfpac Sting Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Figure is in stock now and available for immediate shipping here. Sting has a brand new head sculpt with black and red face paint and wears famous red and black ‘scorpion’ gear with molded pads in the front. The nWo red symbol is in the front and he’s wearing red, strapped boots. Scorpions are fully designed on the sides. Sting also has a removable nWo Wolfpac shirt with a red and black wolf in the front. Included as an accessory is Sting’s baseball batas well as collectible, custom nWo red and black Wolfpac packaging. You can check out a photo of the figure below:

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